State TT

today in Groveport, just south-east of Columbus. 23.78 miles on a rolling course that seemed to have not a bit of tailwind, all headwind in every direction, isn't that common though. Tony started off at 8:53 and I was 1 minute behind. The way Tony has been going lately I knew that I wasn't going to try to blow myself up trying to catch him, I was just going to settle into a rythym and go at my pace. The first 6 or so miles I was going to try to take a little conservatively, not go out blazing hard but just a few clicks under a max effort and save the rest for the finishing half. That didn't seem to be the case though. The rollers and the headwind had me working harder than I wanted to and my heart rate was much higher than I wanted it to be at that point in time as well. I knew that I was going to probably suffer for the early hard effort later toward the finish and that I wasn't going to finish as strong as I should but that seemed to be the race for me today. Far be it for me to complain but I just couldn't seem to get much rythym on the rollers today either. Oh well, just wasn't the day that I would have liked to have for the State TT. I did manage to get 2nd. in my 40-44 age group though. Ray Huang was 1st. with a tremendous time that I think landed him somewhere in the top 5-6 overall, Great job to you Ray!

Tony raced in the Cat.3's and narrowly missed 3rd. by 10 seconds. His first big boy TT and he did very well and rode consistant. I couldn't be prouder. He beat my time by: 50. He was very disapointed though when he heard he missed 3rd. by 10 seconds. I have to keep reminding him though that he's only 16 and that he's racing with stronger riders, be patient, keep your head up and your day will soon come. I think next year we'll have to invest in a TT bike rather than racing tts with his road bike with clip on's.

Overall a very good day for our team.

Julie - 1st. 40-44
Christina - 2nd. 25-29
Robert - 2nd. Junior 13-14
Rudy - 1st. 50-54 - Top 10
Brian - 1st. 35-39
Mike - 2nd. 30-34
Pete - 2nd. Cat.3
Derek - 2nd. 45-49
Bill - 2nd. 40-44
Tony - 4th. Cat.3
Matt - 4th. Cat.1-2 - Top 10

Congratulations everyone!


Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Great job Bill!

Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Tony, Great job. Just wait till the TT aero Tony shows up next year!

Derek said...

Nice job Marut's! Thanks for arranging the place to stay!

Rick said...

wow....nice/great job!


Julie Lewis-Sroka said...

Bill, that's 4th overall, 1st old lady!