Lake Effect TT #2

Good race tonight. We had 25 racers and for the most part the times were faster and more consistant for each lap. Tony did one place better than last week finishing 6th. with a 24:17 for the 10 mile course, he was rippin' and is most definately ready for the Ohio Championships this weekend. I finished 10th. with a 25:02 bettering my time by a mere 17 seconds from last week and a little more consistant on my 2nd. lap. By no means great, but a little better.
The Ohio State course is 24 miles but much less hilly so hopefully we can hold some faster speeds and beat our last years times as well. Tony won the Junior 16-18 race and the overall last year so he's going to be racing in the Mens Cat.3 this weekend. He's never did a 40k TT before so he's a little nervous, but confident. I just want to try and better my time from last year and hopefully break 25 mph avg. I averaged 24.85 last year. This is all good training for triathlon and cyclocross I say!

Race report to come.

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