update. Wow, hot and humid this morning. I can take the heat but racing in the humidity really takes it's toll on me, especially when it get's very humid very fast and you don't have a chance to get used to it. But anyway, first things first.
Tony has done quite a few triathlons and a couple biathlons but never a duathlon, this one was his first. I told him, since I'm the wiley veteran, to maybe not go out too fast on the first run, try to stay with the leaders, but don't overdo it because you still have another run after the bike, the 2nd. run which will be considerably harder than the 1st, especially in this humidity, which race time temp. was 90 degrees! Well as any normal 16 year old, he doesn't listen to the "old man" and rockets off the front as the gun goes off and is off down the road with the leaders, some of which are very fast runners. By the first mile I'm still within 100 yds. or so and I think this is okay, by mile 2 the gap is opening and by the time I hit T1 Tony is on his way out on the bike and I'm just entering. Okay, you go dog, I just hope that you can keep it together on the 2nd. run. I never saw him again the rest of the race until he was waiting for me at the finish line, all dried off and on his 2nd. gatorade :-) We had almost an identical bike split, 27 minute 10 mile on a rolling course, not too bad, but his 2nd. run was the determining factor, he blistered the run, finished just 4 seconds off of 2nd. place overall, finishing 3rd. overall in a very large field.

As for the wiley old man, he finished 2nd. in the 40-44 age group and vowed to never take another pull on a training ride or tow his son around on training runs ever again. It's Tony's turn to pull me around now!

I knew this day was coming, and I LOVE it!


Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Nice job you two!

Dad S said...

Way to go T!

Wish I could do that. Maybe in my past life. As a teen, the best I had was an iron pig single speed JC Higgins from Sears. But, I still used to take everyone on the uphill - sitting down on the saddle while the others were standing on the pedals pumping like heck. Could barely get my peg-legged Chinos over the leg muscles. Those were the days!

Great job Maruts - ya make an old man proud!

Dad S.

Bill said...

Thanks Dad. I'm sure with those leg muscles, a lighter bike and a few years younger you would have given Tony a run for his money. Would have been neat to see!


Shawn Adams said...

good work!

MikeV said...


Ray Huang said...

Hey guys-great job!!

CJ said...

Great job Bill and Tony!

triguyjt said...

damn ungrateful kids!!!


great race Maruts!!

Bill said...

Thanks everyone!