Lake Effect Time Trial

#1, Allardale Park in Granger Twp. Started out feeling pretty good on the first lap, came through the S/F at 12:17 for the first 5 miles of the 10 mile TT, not too bad for the hilly course. Went through turn 1 on the 2nd. lap, fumbled with my bottle trying to get a drink until the base of the climb, wasn't putting alot of power to the pedals which cost me quite a few seconds (have to get an aero bottle). Came through the finish for the final at 13:02 and a 25:19, horrible! 45 second difference between the 2 laps, uncalled for! Won't happen next week. Good for 9th overall out of 22.

Tony rocked, 12:07 on the first lap, 12:36 on the 2nd. and finishing with a 24:43, good for 7th. overall on another hot and humid night.

Thanks for everyone that came out and raced and volunteered. Race #2 is next Thursday, same time, same place.


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