Orrville Cross

Great course and race, actually more like an off road crit with nice dry conditions and major headwinds in spots. The start was fast up the road section and I didn't get a good one. Got bottled up and watched the leaders start getting a gap. I found a spot to pass in the long straight leading to the corn-field and drilled it and managed to latch back on to the back of the lead group but burnt a big match in the process. I needed to recover a bit but there wasn't any recovery spots. I held on to the lead group for 3 of the 7 laps then fell off the pace a bit and rode in protection mode of my 6th place position.

Not a bad race for me though, not the best of legs but not that bad either. I think this race was one of the fastest cx races I've ever did. The dry conditions with the course layout made it fast, no complaining though what-so-ever. Orrville did a nice job on the day, thank you all!

This weekend I'm opting out of the Ohio State CX Championship weekend in Dublin, instead racing a new venue in Oakdale Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh called Military Cross put on by Appalachian Bicycle Racing Association. There's some tough hombre's in this area, so it should be fun.

Good luck to all racing States this weekend.

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