North Coast Grand Prix of Cyclocross

Marshall Leininger and Stark Velo, you guys are amazing! You all did so much work to make the weekend a hit, Thank You all!

Everyone that raced this event know's the course so I won't go into detail, just that everyone liked it even with the big hill and everyone was saying that they hope it comes back next year in the series, I second the motion.

Saturday TLE fielded two teams for the team event which was scored like a cross country running race, meaning the lowest possible score per team was the winner. We finished 2nd in the event and everyone rode strong but most importantly we all got to recon the course at speed dialing in lines etc..

Day two were the individual events. I raced the Masters 45+ and lined up with my team-mates Nate Loman, Chris Riccardi and Joe Pollato. We had a fast and furious start but that's nothing new and after about a lap we were settling in. Nate was off the front, and it was Joe, Russ Verlinger (Scum City) and I following. Joe pulled hard to establish a decent gap from the rest of the chasing field now it was just a matter of time before he and I could roll away for 2nd. and 3rd. We managed to hit the big climb pretty hard around lap 3 that shed Russ so now it was just Joe and I working hard together to maintain the gap to the finish. We rode everything smooth and fast and rolled in for the Team Lake Effect podium sweep with Russ and Dave Jolin (Stark Velo) rounding out 4th and 5th. with Chris finishing in 6th. due to a mechanical.

Julie was 4th woman in the 1,2,3 field, Gwen rode super strong as well, Rudy won the SS, Steve and Johnny were 1st and 2nd. in the mens 1,2,3, Emilio was 4th in the 35+
Robert finished top 5 or 6 in the 1,2,3 after getting untangled from the tape near the pit and Nate Z. and Mike V. rode hard and strong as always.

This weekend we're in Franklin for one last hurrah at Doug's with the Applefest 5k on Saturday morning, so no cross racing this weekend, but the weekend after we're back at it.

Great racing everyone and see you all in a few weeks.

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