Chagrin CX Challenge

First off, Thank you Brett Davis and Mr. and Mrs. Davis for once again letting us crazy cyclocross racers invade your property, you are very gracious hosts and a super nice family.

Brett and gang once again did a great job with the course layout and all the festivities to make this a great event, although Mother Nature wasn't wanting to cooperate this weekend with the rain and hurricane Sandy that was moving in. The course was indeed wet and muddy and slick like ice in spots, but cyclocross is about racing in all kinds of conditions. I raced only on Saturday of the two race weekend event and had a good race. I managed to handle my bike pretty well and stayed up the entire race, felt strong and was in a good race for a top position the whole time. I got a decent start and managed to work my way to top 3 by the end of the first lap. I kept steady and managed to catch Joe Pollato which is my team-mate by the end of the last lap which was for 2nd overall. Joe had been riding steady the whole race and is sitting in the top of the Masters 45+ group. He got on my wheel for the remainder of the last lap until the finish when he passed me for the 45+ win and 2nd overall, I rolled in right behind for 3rd overall and 2nd 45+, Chris Huck once again won the overall and the Masters 35+, nice racing you guys, you make it hard but fun!

We decided to pull the plug on the Sunday race since it was a torrential downpour. We did alot of clean-up on clothing and gear the day before from racing in the mud and we weren't really keen on doing it again. Tony and I decided to head out for a local trail run since we both like to run in the rain, so a trail run it was.
We ran for an hour and a half, got back to the car and we both were soaked to the bone and cold, so I say this..anyone that raced today, my hat is off to you.

Next weekend is the Cincinnati three day UCI event. I'm opting out of that and thinking of doing the Raccoon CX race in Beaver Pennsylvania, that is if the State of Pennsylvania is still there after the "Perfect Storm" rolls through.

Nice racing everyone and those that are going to Cincy, have some good races!

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