Everyone's getting faster

I look at the past race results and times before I do a race so I have an idea of what I did the year before and who was tops in age group and tops overall. I've been fortunate to be able to be in the top age group and even at my age, top 10 usually overall. This year's race results have been minutes faster than in previous years. Everyone is stepping up their game in all three sports which has made for some fast racing and equally as difficult to place high in the age group and overall. I'm sure not complaining though because this is what we all set out to do after all the hours spent in the pool, time spent on the trainer and logging all those running miles in the winter on the frozen trails and roads. NEO and Ohio in general has some very fast multi sport athletes as well as bike racers and straight up runners, our endurance sports community should be proud and we are well represented where ever we go.

This past weekend at the Akron Cross Fit Triathlon in Munroe Falls was a perfect example of what I was just talking about above. Although only a local race it's still fast. I overheard one racer say afterwards "damn, I ran a 17:31 and only placed 9th overall" The run was 1/10th of a mile short of the 5k mark, but still a 17:31 for 3 miles is fast, his bike and swim were right up there as well and I know how he feels.

I had a much better race this weekend than I did last weekend in Maumee Bay and I contribute alot of that to the near perfect weather conditions we had. It was about 62* at race time and the water was warm, in fact I didn't use a wetsuit, not much wind and sunny to overcast. Had a decent swim, not as good as last year, but got out of T-1 pretty fast and had a good bike, my computer had me at 22.9 mph. My legs were feeling good because I didn't overdo it during the week like I did the previous week. Came into T-2 had a good transition and ran a strong 18:19 3 mile, which resulted in an 8th overall and 2nd in my 45-49 age group and 1:17 faster than last year and 2 overall placings lower than last year and 1 age group placing lower than last year.... Goes to show that you have to bring your A game to every race.

Keep up the great training and racing everyone, this is what it's all about!

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allanjel said...

I notice the bar keeps going up with age too! Triathletes are like a fine wine, I guess. Good job young man.