Back to back races

Saturday was our first NEOCX cyclocross race at Camp Manatoc in Peninsula sponsored by our team. A ton of work went into this one and it turned out to be a great course and a great race. Hot, humid and dry were the conditions which made everyone suffer even more than normal, but everyone raced strong and fast and we had good team results to show. I raced the combined Masters 35-45+ and was 7th overall and 3rd. Master 45+
A group of 5 of us got a gap after the first lap and worked together for a while until we started to split apart still holding off the field when 2 more riders got across, one being Rudy Sroka on his single speed who started 1 minute behind. Rudy rolled in for 5th. team mate Joe Polloto 6th and me 7th. Rudy won the single speed, Joe and I 2nd and 3rd. 45+

Day two (Sunday) was the cross country mountain bike race, same place different course. I raced the Cat.2 Sport Master 40-49 race which consisted of 2 laps equaling 18 miles. This course is only open one weekend a year for riding and racing but the trails there are some of the best in the State. I lined up in front and when the gun went off Nate Loman and I got the hole shot and were gone. We stayed together for a large part of the race with Nate in front until the trail conditions got pretty slick due to the rain and then we separated. I was running the correct tire pressure and was hooking up in the techy spots pretty well. I felt good from the previous day's cross race and rode strong the last part of the second lap and finished 5th overall. I was happy with this finish since I haven't spent too many hours on the mountain bike this year and I was racing against straight up mountain bikers.

This weekend is Snakebite Racing's Cascade Park cross, I didn't do this race last year but I hear it's HARD!

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TRI714 said...

Already ~! Haven't even finished road season here yet. Congrats.