Mohican and Pymatuning

Got in two great rides over the weekend, Saturday was a 10 man group ride on the mountain bikes at Mohican State Park which are the best mtb trails I have ever ridden. Next weekend is the Mohican 100 and 100k mountain bike races. I don't think I'm going to be doing either one of those races but will be doing the 331 mountain bike series which starts in a few weeks with the Reagan Park TT. We had a great ride Saturday with 2,400' of climbing and just absolutely the best singletrack, it was a great day.

Today we did a group road ride starting at Pymatuning Lake that Jim Behrens organized, riding in and out of Ohio and Pennsylvania. It was hot and windy which made the ride hard and the pace was pretty good, averaging 21 mph for 54 miles with the last four miles in the 25-28 mph range, good stuff and everyone rode very strong today.

I had a decent week on the bike this week getting in almost 200 miles. I would really like to get to Westlake this Tuesday since the weather looks like it's going to be okay for a change so hopefully everything works out.

Hope everyone that went to Michigan this weekend had a good race.

Heres a pic from Mohican after a loop.

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