Felt FC

Making the drive this morning to Bike Authority to build my new Felt FC frame. Earlier in the week before we heard about this snowstorm that seemed to sneak up on us, we were going to build the bikes and then drop into the CV for a little riding, but that's a no go now with a snow storm that is covering all of Northern Ohio once again. I'm swapping components from my Cannondale Super Six over to the new Felt and Tony's building up the  Super Six with the parts from his CAAD9. It should feel like summer in the bike shop this morning with the bike building and talk about races and such, that is until we look outside. New carpet for the house is coming in the morning, we tore out all the old stuff last night and are excited about the new stuff tomorrow....yup, I'm at least doing my part to keep the economy going...................:-/

I'll post a pic later today of the bikes.


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TRI714 said...

sweeeeeeet new ride. I love my F-1 and look forward to see the new FC !!