Shortest day of the year

today aka the Winter Solstice....It's all uphill from here folks!  We completed a two week home interior re-do, painting, trim, some new furniture, etc..... and after the Holiday's we are going to re-do the bedrooms, mainly just repainting and re-trimming, not that big a deal.
Running and swimming has been going well since cross season has ended and also with a few trainer sessions and some mtb and cross bike outdoor rides and  little xc skiing, the training has been fun. Going to start back with the Masters swimming classes after the first of the year also, I'm feeling better in the water now than ever so hopefully the classes will make it even better yet, they're hard, but worth the efforts.
Rev3 Knoxville 70.3 is still on tap for May with some trail running races and a xc ski race or two slated for this winter. Hope to see some of you on the running trails and or Chapin Forest for a little skiing over the Holidays.


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