Christmas Day ride

Tony and I headed out this morning after all the gifts were unwrapped, the coffee was drank and everything was tried on just to make sure everything fit. The food was starting to be prepared so we thought too many cooks spoil the soup and suited up for a couple hrs. outside on the mountain bikes. It was great conditions with hardly any wind and the temperature at 28 degrees. We got in 1:45  with 800' of climbing during a great ride.

Yesterday we did a 10.2 mile trail run starting at Penitentiary Glen. We ran over to the Holden Arboretum and ran the Old Valley Trail which is awesome singletrack with a a sweet creek crossing, a huge sections of steps, bridges and steep hills. We ran up into the Arboretum and looped back down the Valley trail and back up to PG where we ran the 5k NERC xc loop. Garmin said we climbed almost 1,000', what a great trail system over there.

Tomorrow we're getting out on the ski's at Chapin for a few hours. We're going earlier so we can ski before the trails get all packed down and slippery.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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