Wendy Cross

Not a whole helluva lot to blog about in this race that's for sure. The A race was stacked and started out very fast. Big pile-up just before the first stone crossing, I heard expensive carbon wheels getting whacked around and crunched behind me. I kept on the gas to try to get away and got way too anerobic, especially in the beach sand section where it was carnage again. Got through the sand and onto the flat and was really gassed. Made the sharp left and up the little climb and the false flat and down the gravel, (which I rode like a 10 year old I might add) was very conservative on the stones, made the 180 and was out onto the concrete in the headwind heading to the lighthouse. I knew by then it wasn't my day. Made the round about on the concrete back with a nice tailwind and still was lacking power. Climbed the steep section to the switch back and up the steep grassy, weedy knob and over the top to the next grassy knob. I was lacking power big time. Made the barrier jump nicely and from then it was all downhill and actually fun and that's where I would gain on the guys that we're ahead of me. Unfortunately we had to come out of the technical sections and wind it up on the power sections and that's where I lost my time. No legs today, no excuses, no crying, just no power in the legs. I was by no means lolly gagging around out there either, I was riding hard but just not up to my capability and that happens. Managed to ride a hard tempo for the rest of the race, rather than a race pace. I would ramp it up a notch and go anerobic again so I just rode hard and at least did the climbs strong. After my 8 laps were over, I leaned the bike against the truck, put my running shoes on and ran a lap of the course, cursing it the whole time..... (not really, only in one section)

Spin did a great job designing this lung buster of a course and Mother Nature did a great job allowing us to race in beautiful conditions, thank you both. Great job to my team mates that raced, everyone did well and to Robert that took a nasty header and had to be carted off to the hospital to get his gray matter checked out, he's A-okay though.

On tap for this weekend is the Border War Triathlon at Geneva State Park. Last tri for the season for us too. That makes 10 multi-sport races for Tony and I. We've had a really good multi season and we're looking to have a good race this Saturday as well, then it's all cross for the rest of the year.

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You said "weedy knob."