Applefest 5k

This week is basically a running week for me, on and off of the trails. Sunday after the Stark Velo KSU cross race and our 20 minute post race run that Sara and I did, we switched gears and did a 1:35 trail run with lots of hills. It felt good to get back on the dirt again after road running and fast track workouts this summer but my quads are paying the price for it now from all the downhills... We did an easy swim workout on Monday as an active recovery day and did an interval run today to gear up for a 5k race we're doing this weekend in P.A. This Saturday is the Franklin Applefest 5k and we're all headed up to Doug's on Friday to spend the night and race in the morning. Kevin Park and his family are going also so we should have a nice group representing Ohio, not to mention it's always a great time at Doug's cabin.

UCI Cincinnati is on the horizon next weekend starting on Friday at Devou Park in Kentucky. I wimped out on this race last year due to the torrential rains that hit the area the night before and the terrible conditions but raced Java Johnny's and Harbin Park, this year I'm racing all three. I'm racing my category and age group this year as well which is Cat.3 45+. They run the Cat.3 35+ and 45+ groups together so it should be some good "racing" and that's what I'm excited about and really looking forward to.

As of right now it looks like we're heading to Tennessee in May for the Rev3 Knoxville 1/2 Ironman. We planned on doing Rev3 Sandusky 1/2 this year but the long running off of the bike just wasn't there this summer so we scrapped it. This will be our early season "travel to" race #1 and it's always easier for me to run long in the cold weather so training will be good leading up to it.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend and see you all in Cincinnati.

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