O.N.E Triathlon Kickoff @ Clays Park this Sunday. This is a race put on by Champ Racing sponsored by Planet X bikes. This is a pretty decent race with a hilly bike, a clean small lake and a two lap run through Clays Park campground. Its a good speed workout race for the longer stuff ahead of us. I'm going with the road bike this year instead of the tri bike because of the climbing on the course, I think it will suit me better, we'll see though. After the race several of us are going to get together for a small picnic at the campgrounds, hopefully it won't rain..........

Last weekend we did the first annual Twinsburg Duathlon promoted by Mickey Ryzmek and his North Coast Multisports and Ramsey Event Management who did the chip scoring. This was another short course race that was very fast and challenging in both the run and bike course, and as everyone who raced last weekend the weather made things even more challenging. The run and bike were fairly hilly the whole way and really made you work hard, but that's good. There were 6 of us who managed to go under an hour on the 2.1, 10.5, 2.1 mile course. I was 6th overall with a 59:15 and Tony was 2nd overall with a 54:42 and Brian Stern won with a time of 52:45. Again, a short course but very fast indeed which is good speedwork. These races are good tuneups for our main races that we would like to do well at that are coming up.

Not much in the way of bike racing except for the LeRoy TT's. We've been to some of those and have been turning some decent times. Our swimming and running have improved this year with the work we have been putting in with more structure than in the past, but we're always trying new and different small things to try to improve stroke and running form and gait. I tried something different on my mini brick run last night and I think I might have slightly improved my gait...either that or I was just responding well to running fast. I'll try the same thing in the race on Sunday then I'll know for sure if it was just a one time thing or not.....I hope not!

Hope everyone is doing well and from the updates it looks like everyone is racing strong and fast.

Stay safe and have fun everyone.

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