After the race in Virginia we had a rest week leading up to Chippewa Creek with only a few training rides and a couple of runs, we took the week off of swimming as well. We did our second ride of the week on Friday before Chippewa and felt very good, didn't do anything hard or long cause I didn't want to spend everything I had on a training ride. Saturday I did an easy run and along came the race on Sunday. I raced in the large Masters 35+ race and lined up with our usual Master racers with a few that I haven't seen before. The race started off very fast and the first time up the main climb shed quite a few riders off the back. I was thinking that if this pace keeps up like this I'm doomed! A break of 5 went off after the first climb and then on the second time up the climb Rudy attacked and ended up bridging and created mayhem in the group with everyone trying to go with him. The pace was very high on the false flat past the start finish and never slowed, this was one fast race in the Masters division. Anyhow the chase group stayed together for the remainder of the race until the sixth and last time up the climb where it was every man for himself and the racing place was for 9th, since there were eight in the main break. On the 5th lap on the false flat, (which I'm surprised I made it with the group that long), I backed it off since my legs weren't there anymore and I was basically dead and had been the whole race, I just rode my pace the last lap and finished. I came across the line and pulled over and watched the others roll in after me. I really thought I was dead last. Chippewa Creek is a race that you have to train for and we just did not do that this year. We've been focusing on multisport more and although we have been climbing, we haven't been doing much intensity like we had done in the past for this race. Congratulations to teammates Rudy for the win and Chris for making the original split.

This week we have picked up the pace and added more intensity to our workouts in prep for our next race. We did our first LeRoy TT of the season on Thursday and I managed a pretty decent time. I rode an 18:27 which was good for 25.67 mph. I'm hoping only to improve on that time. We had some good strong runs and swims and the nice thing is my calf is almost back to normal, I still do feel it on the run, but it's much better than it was.

This morning we are heading to Headlands Beach to help Mickey with the first Greater Cleveland Triathlon training day and get in the ride and run on the Olympic course and then tomorrow will be a long ride on the TT bikes.

Till next time..........

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Janet Edwards said...

Chippewa sounds crazy intense! Nice seeing you and Tony out at GCT!