Hogback Ridge

I ended up at Hogback yesterday rather than make the trek out to Westlake. I was just not in the mood to fight the wind sorry to say. I know it will make you a stronger rider and so does racing, but there are lots of Westlakes to do this season, not to mention I was tired and didn't feel like making the 100 mile round trip. So, I took the mountain bike and the trail shoes to Hogback Ridge and rode a couple laps then ran a loop of the mtb course and then the new trail down to the river and back for a total of a 40 minute run and about 40 minutes on the bike. The nice thing is the course is all in the woods and it wasn't windy a bit, but it was a little wet and muddy in spots from the rain the previous day.

Today Tony and I got out on the road bikes for 44 miles, once again it was cold and windy, but I felt better today than yesterday, still a little tired but not as bad as yesterday. We rode out into Kirtland Hills and back and did some hills and some tempo but nothing big. Hopefully the legs will be good for RATL on Saturday.....

Here's a few pics of the trails at Hogback.

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