Double duty

today with the workouts. It was pretty nasty out today so the ride we had planned for noon got cancelled this morning, I was really looking forward to it too, but thats the way it goes with the weather, especially this time of the year. Anyway I figured I would go it solo today since Tony had duty with the Explorers and the Concord Fire Dept. giving out H1N1 shots at the local High School for the day and Scott was heading to the YMCA. I did a TT bike trainer workout in the cave and I could tell my legs were feeling pretty good. They were kinda sore during the week with the trails and the hills that we've been running, so I'm glad the soreness had worked it's way out. I did a nice bike workout and then changed into running garb and drove the 3 miles to Masons Landing to begin my run. I do a loop from this small Metropark area that is probably 1/3 dirt and gravel with some nice hills and the rest pavement, it's a great loop. It rained during the whole 7 mile run and I was soaked afterward but I felt great, I actually love running in this kind of weather, so I took advantage of it. My legs were responding on the hills and my heart rate came down very quickly afterward and on the flats I kept it at an easy 145-150 BPM.

It was a good day and a good week workout wise with all base and some high hr stuff, but that was just due to running uphill. The weather is supposed to be nice this week so it looks like more easy stuff outside.

Catch ya later.


Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

rest week? ever?

Jim said...

To Bill they are only "easy" workouts because they are easier than yesterday. The concept of "recovery" is foreign to him.

Bill said...

Wow, sorry guys, I didn't realize that either one of you were coaches, furthermore, coaching me.
It was a FUN week, nothing more, no need to be so condescending.

Jim said...

You are taking it FAR more seriously than I intended. I suspect (though I don't speak for him) that Robert meant it in jest also. I can only wish I could handle half of the workload you do.
Now, back to sleep for me!