Presque Isle Triathlon 09

Well my 2009 triathlon season came to an end on Saturday with this race. It was a good race too, one which I am happy to end my season on. I'm especially happy for my family members that raced as well as they had great finishes and times too. Tony was 4th overall, only 15 seconds off of 3rd which is good race for him because there was a lot of good competition there from PA, NY, OH, to really push him and he raced strong. Scott was 3rd in his 35-39 AG. 23rd OA. Carrie was strong in her AG. finishing 7th and came through the finishing chute VERY fast, Doug was 3rd. in the 45-49 AG, 18th OA. and I was 2nd in the 45-49 AG. 14th OA. There were almost 350 triathletes in the open division. Congratulations everyone! Doug, Scott and Carrie are doing the Border War tri in a few weeks for their last tri of the season. This race is an Ohio vs. Pennsylvania points race for bragging rights. PA has some very strong triathletes, so hopefully we'll get good representation from Ohio to make it a good race. This just happens to be the weekend that we are going to Michigan for the UCI CX weekend in Davisburg, so Tony and I wont be there.

After the race we all headed back to Dougs cabin in Franklin PA. for the rest of the day and the night. What a GREAT TIME we all had. Abbey, Jess and Lauren did some tubing in the French Creek while Jake, Tony and Nick grabbed the fishing poles and the canoe and off down the creek they went in search of smallmouth bass. Carrie and Lynn grabbed a few ales and lawn chairs and found a nice sunny spot to relax in while Doug and I grabbed the kayaks and boated down the creek a few miles almost to the Allegheny River, only to have to fight the strong current back. Actully in one of the rapids sections we had to get out of the kayaks and portage them because the current was so stong. We tried about 4 times to get through and would get about 3/4 up only to come to a standstill while our shoulders were screaming. The triathlon was much easier than trying to get back up those rapids. We had great food and many nice beverages too last night. This morning we got up and had some strong Peete's coffee, made breakfast over the open fire, cleaned everything up and reluctantly headed back home recapping our weekend and how much we wished we could have all stayed for the whole week at Dougs. Thanks for EVERTHING Doug, your a truly a great friend!

My tri season went pretty decent overall. I finished the 7 multisport races with 5 age group wins and 2 2nd.s. Overall were, 3 top 5's , 2 top 10's and 2 14th's. I'll take that. Now that it's cross season and there's a whole lot of racing coming up, I'm going to take some time off this week to rest up a bit and then get the barriers out and start jumping.

See you all very soon.


Dad S said...

You folks sure know how to finish up the weekend - well deserved, I might add. Impressive performance by all.

DaisyDuc said...

Great season and I love that picture of you all!