Fairport Triathlon

This year the Lake Metroparks changed the format, the run course, the finish and the transition which included more running in and out of transition, it was a nice change and something different from years past. I felt decent except for the first few miles of the bike then once I got into rhythm I was okay. I always have difficulty on the first part of this bike course for some reason, I dont know if it's being anerobic coming out of transition and then hitting the hill and blasting up then trying to get into a fast pace or what, I dont know but my legs always feel like crap for the first few miles.

Anyway the race went pretty decent and I felt good on the run and ended up finishing 5th. overall and 1st. in my 45-49 age group. Tony rocked again today and was 2nd. overall and 1st. in the 19 and under age group. Scott was 9th. overall and 3rd. in his 35-39 age group, (Sean Gilbert was 2nd), Nice job Sean! and Doug was 6th. overall and 2nd. in the 45-49 age group. Scott's wife Carrie raced her first triathlon and finished very respectable, she's already talking about doing the GCT race in 2 weeks. Great job today Carrie you looked awesome out there! Nice job to all, everyone raced very hard. Actually I'm not sure what was harder though, the race or the beach volleyball game we had with all the kids afterward, my feet already hurt from playing barefoot, but it was fun spending the day with all of my family and friends after the race and the nice cookout we had too. Nick had to work so he had to leave early and missed the cookout and volleyball game, that was the only thing I missed about the day.

GCT Olympic distace race in 2 weeks so we have to start ramping up some mileage.


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Nice goin' - Team Marut!