Saturday morning

Nice breakfast this morning with some strong Peete's to get things rolling then we have to make a few stops before we head down to the race @ Clays Park in the Canton area, which we are racing tomorrow, but we are going to make sort of a mini weekend out of it. My dad is at an antique car show this morning with his 1929 Model A and the show is on the way to the route to the freeway, so we're going to roll through there, say hi and possibly park and pop the slighty rusted hood on our 1992 Dodge Caravan with 107,000 miles on it for all to admire..........I wonder how long it would take before someone would ask us to leave??? hahaha
Anyway we are going to pre-ride the bike course and get a short swim in today hopefully, and get the blood flowing before tomorrow's 500 meter swim, 16 mile bike and 3.1 mile run. The sprint races are short but they hurt alot so warmup is key, just like a cyclocross race.


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