Back from the race

Man, what a nice day and congratulations go out to our Bike Authority / Fleet Feet tri team members that raced today, everyone represented well.
I was 2nd. out of the water this morning in my 40+ wave with a strong swim and ended up out of T-1 first, even though I though it was slow. My lead didn't last very long though, Nate and Brian caught me around the 3 mile mark on the bike never to look back, wow you guys were flying, very impressive! This was one hilly ass bike course too. I managed a decent bike split, climbed well and thought I did my best on the course. T-2 went OK and I ran what I thought was longer than a 5k @ a 6:30 pace with an overall time 1:10:17, good for 1st. in my 45-49 age group and 9th. overall out of 170 athletes.

Tony had a helluva race. He was 4th. out of the water in his 39 and under wave with a strong swim, he said he had a slow T-1 and came back into T-2 in the lead with a smokin' bike split. He gave up 3 spots on the run and finished 3rd. in his wave and 5th. overall, just narrowly missing 4th. in a sprint finish. Tony said that the guy that beat him had a bigger nose than he did. Nice race T.

Nick had a nice weekend too spending alot of time in the water also, but his time spent in the water was spent sliding down the slides, jumping off the high dive boards and generally eating anything he could get his hands on, Rock on Nico!

A few pics.

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