Trifecta Sunday

Did a hard 2,000 meters in the pool this morning with some fast 100's and anerobic starts continuing into 200 meter sets, this simulates fast anerobic starts until you settle into race pace, these workouts are hard but very good. When we got home from the pool I rode over to the track on my bike and did a dreaded track workout, (Tony did his yesterday) man these hurt, maybe it's just that I'm getting old and soft, I don't know, but doing quarter repeats just plain hurt, especially when going all out and trying your best not to fade on the last 100 meters! Rode home, did a recovery drink and then ground up some fresh Starbucks Breakfast blend and vegged, nice.

Nice weekend all around and the weather wasn't too bad either. We're tapering this week for the upcoming NEO triathlon kickoff race on Sunday. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


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