I didn't almost get killed

today for a change and it was really enjoyable too. Actually there wasn't that much traffic this morning when I was out so it was nice. I got in a tempo pace 25.5 mile TT bike followed by a LT 6.2 mile brick run. The run was hard and it kicked my butt, but they will pay off. Yesterday we got 2,400 meters in the pool with some race pace endurance sets. Warm ups followed by 800 meters at race pace, rest interval of 1:00, 400 meters at race pace, rest of :45, 200 meters race pace, :30, 100 meters at race pace, :15 rest, 100 meters race pace, cool down. It was a hard workout but I swam fast and felt good in the water, hopefully I'll race like that too. Good weekend of training and I'm looking forward to putting all this hard work into some positive racing this season.

Later all

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