Valley Race

Raced with the Master 35+ group this morning. I don't know exactly how many of us there were since they had the fields combined but there were a large group of masters it looked like. We attacked just past the finish line at the start and raced strong and aggressive for the most part with our TLE group doing alot of work. Phil Hines and Larry Pandy of MVC were super aggressive and strong as always too and did alot of attacking as well. Nate was on the front alot and managed to slip away in the back on the last lap and no one was willing to chase so we were attentive to bring anything back that was going to chase, no-one did so Nate attacked his break away partner near the parking lot of the school and solo'ed in for the win, Nice work Nate and a nice win for the Team. Phil and Larry, nice racing with you guys as always. My quads started to cramp on the last lap, I guess I'm not quite used to the heat yet and I was a little dehydrated too. Great day though and no crashes.
Easy ride tomorrow on the tri bike with an easy run. Getting ready for Ceasear Creek Tri at the end of May.

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