Ugly day at the lake today. 4 man crash in the Masters race on the North side of the course. Sal Ponzio of MVC went down hard and had to be taken to the hospital. Phil Hines called and said he will be in Akron for at least 2 days. Punctured lung, broken ribs, fractured clavical and possibly shoulder and wounds to the head, on morphine at this time, this was relayed to him by John Fuimara. Rudy went down as well and after the x-rays were taken he found out he has 2 broken bones, 1 in the forearm and the other in the wrist. Others had wounds to the bike but nothing to themselves to speak of. The race was neutralized for 5 laps until it was completely called off.

Our thoughts and well wishes go out to Sal and Team MVC.

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