Headwaters Trail Duathlon

Janet Edwards and the Cleveland Triathlon Club organized a very nice small duathlon that was held this morning in Mantua. The distances were 3 mile run 16 mile bike 3 mile run. Both runs were an out and back on crushed limestone turning into double track which is the Headwaters Trail, it was a very nice running surface and a fast course. The bike was basically a 4 corner 16 mile hilly, windy and very challenging lollypop loop. There were some long climbs with short kickers and some very fast downhills with some flats with a nice tailwind, I saw my computer registering over 30 mph. on those sections, I wish there were more of them!

The first run was pretty fast, I havent been doing alot of fast running lately but managed an 18:37 for the first one. I was 4th in on the run, transitioned pretty quick and managed to get into 2nd position on the bike within the first few miles only to trail Tony and I knew I would'nt catch him, I was feeling pretty strong on the bike so I just tried to make time on the guy behind me. T-2 went well and I had a pretty decent lead over 3rd place but I knew he was a very fast runner, he was first in on the first run, so I kept my heart rate high and tried to keep the legs turning over quickly. At the turnaround he wasn't that far behind and I thought he was going to catch me, so I tried to up the pace and I managed to hold him off to finish 2nd overall. Tony won and set a course record of 1:22:49, I had a 1:23:58 and Scott finished 5th overall in 1:29:14 in his 3rd. multisport race, nice job Scott and Tony, you guys are awesome and its great racing with you both!

Shout out to Janet and the CTC for taking the time to have this race, Thank You.


Dad S said...

Yeah! Nice job guys!

Ray Huang said...

Congrats guys!! Proud of you all.

Bill said...

Thanks Ray, much appreciated coming from you.

DaisyDuc said...

The Maruts really represented out there and the uniforms looked great. Fantastic performances by each of you! Thanks for coming out!