Busy weekend

Finished mulching and installing a couple downspout catch basin's, cutting grass, putting in a driveway, did a bike race on Saturday and Tony and I managed to fit in a 34 mile bike ride today before the rain started, I'm done for the day. I have to go to work tomorrow to rest up.............

My cousin Scott's daughter Abby gave me a present. It's a book called Off To The Races and it's about the younger brother of a bike racer. The youger brother wants to race with the older brother but the older brother says he's too young to race and he will get hurt. Well one day the older brother leaves for a bike rally which will take 2 days to ride there. After he is gone the younger brother gets on his bike and rides there too, he gets flat tires, sees a bear and gets caught in a really bad rainstorm. Just as it seems hopeless for him and he thinks of turning back he sees a hostel where all the bike racers are staying. He walks in and his older brother sees him and gets mad but says since you rode all this way by yourself you deserve to race. The next day younger brother signs up for a cyclocross style race and comes in 2nd. The older brother is so proud of him he says he can train and race with him from now on and when they both ride to the bike rally next year the younger brother will win. It's an awesome book and I really like it.

Thank You Abby!

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