is the word for the wind today, only if you were riding south or west that is. The plan was to ride the TT bike to Jefferson this afternoon to watch Nick's opening Riverside H.S. Baseball game which started at 4:30. Jefferson is only 28 miles away (east) Lynn was going to be there and I would just load the bike up in the van, do a quick change and settle in and watch the game.

I was about 10 minutes into the way out when Lynn called and said that the game was cancelled, apparently due to wet fields. Nick was bummed and so was I, I was looking forward to watching the game today, and I was also looking forward to riding like I was motorpacing all the way to Jefferson which is basically all flat and I knew I was going to be flying due to the 20+ mph tail wind. I changed plans and decided since I was riding east I would just do my 25.5 mile TT loop which is equal milage out and back. The way out was unbelievable, I was never really under 30 mph for nearly 13 miles and I was thinking to myself your really gonna pay for this on the way back....and indeed I did. There were times where I was putting out lots o watts and only creeping along at 15 or so mph, I actually started laughing saying this is ridiculous, I can't believe this wind can blow this hard for so long.

Anyway, after I finished up, I looked at the computer and I still averaged over 21.5 mph! Riding along at 30 mph is sweet.

C ya.

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