TT workout

today in the wind. Scott, Tony and I rode to the Leroy TT course this afternoon to get in a hard 20 minute TT effort, and that's just what we got. The wind was super strong out of the south west so riding up the hill on the way out and the flat back to the finish were right into the wind. We kept our hr's in the 170's most of the time (Tony's was in the 190's) and finished with some pretty respectable times for this time of the year, Presque Isle is right around the corner you know..........By the time we got back home on the bikes we had 26 miles in with a hard TT workout and a few hills thrown in for good measure. We then laced up the sneakers and ran a 5k brick. Good workout today and yesterday we got out on the bikes for 43 miles with a few hills as well.

Saturday is a group ride from Brecksville @ 11 O clock. 3-4 hours of endurance and tempo.


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Ray Huang said...

Slow down you guys dag nabbit!! Jeeez!! I should make a run up to Behren's playground soon too. Give it a good test. Hard ot go hard without Jim standing there with his stopwatch and sticks though.