St. Malachi

5 mile road race recap. I saw quite a few familiar faces this morning. Pete and Jane, guys that we race tri's with, Mickey and Justine and some folks from work, etc.........
Scott, Tony and I opted for shorts and long sleeves, not tight's because during warm-up with our tights on we were already getting pretty warm, and that was about 45 minutes before our race was ready to go off at 9:45 and it only got warmer from there.

We got a pretty decent spot near the front of the pack so we wouldn't be tripping over other runners at the start, there was 1,685 racers, it was impressive. The race director said go and we were off down the big hill and we were flying. 1st mile was a 5:50, I couldn't help myself as I always look at a downhill as free speed and more time taken off at the end of the race. 2nd. mile I settled in and the rollers started. I hit the 2 mile marker at 12:27 so I slowed on the flats some. 3rd mile I was at 19 flat. I tried to keep a constant heart rate and not get it too high on the up hills for the most part on miles 4 through 5 so I wouldn't totally blow up on the big uphill at the end. I ended up running fairly comfortably for the last mile and had a good up-hill finish to finish with a 32:49, good for a 6:33 pace. I really didn't have a game plan in place so I was just running to see how the top end was coming.

The last time I did this race it was a different course with not as many hills in it. This time the course was different and it was mainly hills, but a good course and a good test of the running fitness.
Tony did very well and placed 2nd. in his age group with a 30:53 and a 6:11 pace, not too shabby, Scott did a great job and bested his last 5 mile time by over 3 minutes with a 33:50 good for a 6:46 pace, Nice job you guys! I think the winning time was 25:19 and that's a 5:04 mile, wow if we could only do that off the bike.........

Post race party and awards ceremony was held at McCarthy's Ale House right at the bottom of the big dowhill at the start of the race. Ton's of people and lots of Irish beer being consumed too early in the morning.....It was a great time and a great race. Heres a few pictures.
Later all.

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