Masters win

Pretty good day today. I raced aggressively and chased down a few breaks that looked like they might go somewhere and if they did I wanted to go too. Made a move on the big climb in the back with another rider that brought along a total of 4 on the last lap. We were away on the rollers and were riding pretty hard when I got a gap on the last steep roller before the downhill to the right hander and onto the main valley road back into Malabar. I was able to hold it to the finish and finished with a (semi) strong climb for the win. Actually the 3,4 group was just up the road a bit but I couldn't reel em in, but not too bad for them starting 3 minutes ahead of us. I wouldn't say that I felt 100% today. I was actually hurting pretty good in some spots following Tym Tyler, wow he can climb, he ended up finishing 2nd.

Tony did the I II III race and did very well. He rode with the main group for 4 1/2 out of 5 laps and lost contact on the last steep roller in the back. He said he started cramping and just couldn't hold that pace up the hill. He was upset, but for the first race of the season a 50 miler with mucho hillage is a hard race. His average speed was still near 23 mph. Very nice race Tony!

Chris Riccardi was 9th in the 3,4 race and said he felt pretty good for not having that many miles in yet this season.

See ya.


lunasphere said...

congrats - turned out to be a nice day...very well done

Shawn Adams said...


Ray Huang said...

Congrats!! Thats a heck of a performance.

Investment Biker said...

Nice job!!

Dad S said...

Hey - Nice racin' for an old guy!
Nice way to start the season.