4 in and counting

I know our luck is gonna run out sooner or later since it's so early in the season, but while the weather is here for the takin' we're takin' it! My cousin Scott Marut, Tony and I got out once again this afternoon for a hilly 42.5 miler, which makes 4 day's in a row now that I've been out, with about 143 miles in. We're getting some good base miles in with some climbing which is perfect for now. I just found out yesterday as a matter of fact that the Chippewa Creek Road Race is back on for this year, May 17th. is the date. Last years race was cancelled due to poor road conditions, evidently the powers to be have repaired the roads and all is good once again.

But back to our training ride today. Scott has been running now for quite a few years with a few Marathons under his belt, many different length road races, and he's a very good runner. Last year he decided to give triathlon a go by doing the Presque Isle Triathlon and did very well finishing 7th in his 35-39 age group, and everyone know's what a strong age group that is. The swim in that race should have been cancelled, and I have been in races that the swim was cancelled and the conditions were not as bad as Presque Isle. Being that it was his first triathlon, he was a little apprehensive about the swim but decided to go for it, I think I remember him saying, what's the worst thing that could happen to me? I said, you could drown.......he said don't be ridiculous, I'm smuggling water wings inside my tri suit and I'm going to slip them on once out in the water.........I thought something looked a little out of proportion down there that day Scott.......
Anyway, he finished the swim well and had a great bike and run and the rest is history.

He is very determined to get better in each discipline and loves to train. He has become a member of the Cleveland Tri Team, he bought a new Cervelo Solist from Bike Authority and swims with us at Heisley each week. Today was his longest, hilliest ride so far and he kicked ass. I was surprised he did so well, I think he might be doin' some o that stuff that A-Rod was doing back in 03....That stuff'll get ya banned from the Fairport tri this year Scott! No just kidding, he's been workin' his butt off and it show's and Tony and I are VERY IMPRESSED, nice job Scott!

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O look at that, another Marut who loves to train.