Rt.21 & Valley Parkway

group ride today. There were 21 of us total today, not pictured are Sally & Dave C., Rick Adams and Josh B. and me (the photographer), afterwards Brett Davis met us in the parking lot too. We did 2:15 with 41 miles and some nice climbs. We all kept the pace moderate with a few Matt Weeks attacks off the front that did not materialize cuz he would always be bent over working on his bike when we would eventually pass him a few minutes later......:-) Great weather today for the end of December and it was nice to get this many out for a base mileage ride, it just show's that everyone is still very interested in riding their bikes even after the long racing season is over.
Afterwards we went back to the shop, drank some coffee and told some good stories, It was a good day!
Later all.

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Rick said...

great seeing you and the gang.....and the hot stuff was a life saver the next day for me....