Friday before......

Copley. Tony and I went out on the cross bikes for about 2 hrs. today. We rode on snow covered gravel roads, dry road's, nursery roads, ran some steps at Indian Point Park near our house, did a little hike a bikin' and had a good ride for it only being 23 degree's out. I was warm actually and felt pretty comfortable, good ride today. My week has been a little consuming with all kind's of stuff going on and this ride felt great since I haven't been able to get out much. Hopefully not too much before Copley though. Our bikes were pretty much covered with snow and ice when we finished up so we left them outside for a few hours, then Tony and Nick loaded them into Tony's truck and took em down to the spray carwash and blew all the snow and ice off of them. Thanks guys!

See everyone this weekend.

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