Mucho spyware

on my pc. I couldn't quite understand why my machine was running so slow and I had all these annoying adware and popups popping up all over the place.....arggh!
I went to the local pc doctor store and bought a smokin piece o software that cure's all the ill's of a sick computer and installed it. Did a 2 hour complete scan of my machine and found 16 spyware and other nasties that were hidin' out. Got em all and now my machine is purrin' like a kitten and all is once again good.


Jim said...

Don't visit the porn sites so often!

Bill said...

actually there were porn ad's popping up! and I don't even go to them. The guy at the store said that happens all the time though.

Got a 50 miler in yesterday, beautiful day. Thursday morning we did 40, another beautiful day to ride. Hope is all well with your wrist.