Wendy Park

is going to be a great cyclocross venue! Robert, Julie, Tony, Kevin, Jeff, Rudy, Derek and myself went to the park today to map out a course that we will be using this month for the start of our Bike Authority / Lake Effect cyclocross series, which is also our 10th year anniversary of this series. This race and venue will be the first of 6 races in the series. The location of Wendy Park is on Whiskey Island near Edgewater Park, just slightly West of downtown Cleveland off of the West Shoreway. Directions to the Park are located on our teamlakeeffect.net website.

The course that we designed has quite a bit of everything in it, (not a lot of sand, but some) that will make it challenging but fun for all racers and abilities. The course is just a hair shy of 2 miles in length. I'm looking forward to race time there. We all spent about 3 1/2 hrs. there designing and riding.

After we finished at the Park, Derek, Jeff, Tony and me went back to Derek's and rode another 1 1/2 hrs. on the cross bikes. Another great ride! We rode into the Euclid Reservation and climbed and did trails, rode along the Lake at the Parks there and did trails and off camber stuff and some miles on the road, it was a great ride. This weekend had to be the best weekend for riding I have had in a long time despite the rain Saturday and the hot humid temps. today.
When we finished our ride and got back to Derek's, Rene broke out the ice cold beers and we all sat out back eating homemade salsa, chips and ice cold beer, it doesn't get any better than that! Thanks again guys.

We are making the trip to Davisburg Michigan this weekend for the start of the 08' cyclocross season. Tailwind sports promotes this race series and it's also a UCI race so there will be some big names there and very good competition. The more UCI races you do the better starting position you will get for U.S. Nationals in December.

I had to throw this picture in also. I stopped for gas on the way home from Derek's house and this was a promotion the station had going on to lure people in to buy their $4 per gallon gas, IT WORKED! Nah, just jokin'

That's it for now.


Investment Biker said...


I am not sure who is keeper of Lake Effect web site. Can you have them edit Chagrin River Cyclocross section. For the record, the race is not presented by Snake Bite.



Bill said...

Copy that Brett, it will be changed!