Easy week

We've been tapering down for the Greater Cleveland Tri this weekend at Mentor Headlands. We took a day off this week with the other days just being short and about 65-75% intensity, no volume at all, hopefully it will come together this Sunday and we can have another good race like Lighthouse. This race is a little longer for me. I'm doing the Olympic distance which is a .75 mile swim, 24 mile bike and a 6.2 mile run. Tony is sticking with the Sprint distance which is a .50 mile swim, 14 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run. Each race venue is slightly different in length in each of the distances, it all depends on the area that the promoter has to work with.

The Olympic bike course in this race is pretty hilly. It goes into Kirtland Hills and basically is all uphill until past the halfway point. I know the route well because it is one that Tony and I ride quite a bit in training. The run has a few rollers in it too, nothing real big but big enough to drain some strength out of your legs. The Sprint race is very flat and fast, Tony should have a very good race pending he is feeling good, he could be looking at an overall top finishing spot.

Mickey Ryzmek does a great job promoting this race with the training day's months in advance leading up to this race. Bike Authority (Sherman McKee) is the sponsor of the bike support for the training days and day of support along with raffling off a bike at the race.
I have been doing the bike support for Bike Authority for 4 years now at the training days and look forward to it each year, I hope it continues.

Everyone racing the Milk Race in Orrville this weekend, have a good race!

See ya.

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