40 miler. Tuesday was a good race for the team. We were aggressive and in all the breaks and the chases. Brian, Chris, Derek and Tony were in early breaks and Tony landed a sprint prime after a long solo break. I managed to solo off the front just past turn 1 on a prime lap. My teammates rode tempo out front and I was able to get a prime myself with a hard charging Spin rider and Chris right on his wheel. With about 6 laps left to go, Rudy and Derek got in the main break, Tris jumped and sprinted to the line for the win, Derek led Rudy out and Rudy got 2nd. and Derek finished 7th. Scott Carter was active and rode near the front the whole race.
I think Tony and I might have been the first father and son to each get a prime in the same race at Westlake. Pretty cool!

Nice racin' everyone.

P.S. I have to throw the Happy Birthday Honey in here too. It's Lynn's B-day today.
Happy Birthday Hon, should I mention how old you are??? :-)


Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. cyclocross!

Bill said...

Thanks Robert!! Hope you had a nice vacation. See you soon!