LMP Lighthouse Triathlon

Great day today. Again, about 260 racers showed up today to race in the Lake Metroparks Lighthouse Triathlon held at Lakefront Park in Fairport. They added a kayak division this year and that was the first wave to go off. Instead of the swim, athletes that wanted to kayak, could, and then did the bike and run. 5 minute intervals separated all the divisions. I think they announced that there were like 30 kayakers that entered.

Tony was in the 34 and under wave that went off after the kayakers. He had a pretty decent swim and was out of the water with the leaders and after a quick T-1, headed out on the 13 mile bike and soon was in the overall lead. He finished the bike and was 1st back into T-2 and headed out on the 3.3 mile run. He had the run lead until Kevin Park caught and passed him at about mile 1.5. Kevin started in the 35 and over wave and eventually won overall. Tony ended up finishing strong, running a 21 minute 3.3 mile run and winning his 19 and under age group and was 5th overall. The new Scott TT bike is making ALOT of difference in his bike leg. (Rudy)
Strong race today Tony, you were awesome!

I was in the 35 and over age group that started 10 minutes back. I had a good swim again this race, but I have to say that this was probably the roughest swim that I have had in many races. I don't know if it was due to the amount of racers in our group, but I was getting banged around pretty good for probably 100 yds. until I was able to break away. I exited the water and immediately took off my wetsuit. I thought it might help the run up the beach and into transition to not have to run with the water soaked wetsuit on. I was soon covered with sand and spent the whole bike and run with sand all over my tri suit. It was on the bars on my bike, on my face and arms....I won't try that again.

Entered T-1, good transition and off on the bike. Same as last week, the bike on the way out wasn't good. My legs were screaming! I got to mile 5 and they started to come around, I found a rhythym and felt fine there after. I finished the bike strong and had a good T-2. Short climb up the hill after transition and down the other side and it was out on the run course and I knew immediately my running legs were up to the task today. I was marking a few runners that I wanted to catch that started in the wave before me. I caught a few and was passed only by Brian Stern. My good friend and brother Doug Sedivy caught me near the 1/2 way point and we matched each other stride for stride all the way to the finish, both pushing each other. We came to the finish line together and I told him to go ahead of me and he said no you first, so I graciously obliged! Doug had a great race today after suffering a pulled groin muscle about a month ago and not being able to run like he's used to.

I took 2nd in my age group and was 3rd overall. Actually I was 3rd. in my age group but Kevin Park was the overall winner and Brian Stern was 2nd. then me. They didn't count Kevin in the age group but instead the overall winner. Great race Kevin and Brian!! It's hard to match your 5'20" - 5'30" miles off the bike.

Top 5 results were.

Kevin Park
Brian Stern
Bill Marut
Doug Sedivy
Tony Marut

This is an awesome local race that seems to draw more and more racers each year. Lots of fast guys and women come out for this one.

Congrats to all that raced today, everyone did great!



ironmanatee said...

Thanks for the props. Hope you guys can make it out to Presque Isle on 9/6.
Kevin Park

Ray Huang said...

Wow-proud of you guys. Way to kick some butt!! Next its Psycho cross domination by the Marut Family!!

Dad S said...

You guys sure put on an exciting race! Awesome.

Dad S.