Intervals on the bike

tonight and running intervals last night in the rain. I love running in the rain. It wasn't raining that bad last night when I was out, just basically a light rain, but don't you just love running in the rain? Tonight was 5x5k TT build sets with 5 minute rests between sets for a total of 2 hrs on the bike. Pretty hard and it was windy. Going with the wind doing these intervals I was doing about 31-33 mph, it sure would be nice to TT like that all the time, and to think that Lance used to be able to do that most of the time, wow!
Stefan Shumacher averaged almost 31 mph for the 18 mile TT at yesterdays 4th stage of the Tour, incredible, that's some serious wattage being put out.
Friday will be a Olympic distance workout for me at Headlands. Gettin' ready for Greater Cleveland in August.

Catch ya later.

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