LeRoy TT

Tony and I did the TT in LeRoy tonight. It rained pretty hard on the warm up lap and I got caught in it. Afterwards the sun started to come out and it got very humid. The roads started to dry somewhat during the start but about 3/4 of the way through the course the wind really picked up from the west and the skies got very black and it looked like it was really going to storm. I was on the finishing stretch with about 1.5 miles left til the finish when my speed dropped from 26 - 27 mph+ to 22.9 due to the headwind, it was crazy. up until that point I was thinking I was going to have a pretty good finishing time, maybe even a pr for the the year on the course, not so this week. Still we both finished with 25 mph+. I did feel better than Sunday at least!


Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Nice job Marut's! Are you heading out again next Thurs.? Dad and I plan to make it.

Bill said...

Now that you say you and your Dad are coming, we'll make it a point to go!